Chapter Officers

Eleanor Goldstein


I am so grateful and excited to take on this role and lead our chapter! I want to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all of our members with the help of our amazing leaders this year. I am so incredibly honored to be surrounded by such amazing women and I can’t believe I am lucky to work with them every day. 

Kameron Cummings

Vice President of Standards and Values

She is excited to take on a leadership position that allows her to work with all of her sisters. Kameron looks forward to checking in with sisters to make sure the values and standards of Sigma Kappa are endorsed.

Bailey Kruse

Vice President of Programming

She is excited to lead the chapter in educational programming to enhance our members’ experience here at Sigma Kappa. Bailey looks forward to leading her sisters in workshops and programs that embody our values and help us become the best versions of ourselves!

Natalie Jett

Vice President of New Member Education

She is excited to continue welcoming the new members into our chapter as well as help them adjust to their new life in a sorority. To be a part of these girls' journey is so special.

Lauren Findlay

Vice President of Membership

Lauren is excited to lead the chapter into a successful upcoming formal recruitment and is extremely passionate about serving on executive council for Epsilon Chi.

Camryn Morris

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

She is so excited to get to work with our alumnae as well as keeping a strong bond between past, present, and future members.

Julia LaFortune

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Julia is excited to create an atmosphere of academic achievement to enhance the intellectual growth and development of our amazing chapter members.

CC Owen

Vice President of Finance

Emily Rice

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

She is excited to have the opportunity to work with our five different philanthropies and give back to others with her sisters.

Sarah Grimes

Vice President of Communication and Operations

Sarah is excited to serve on the executive council of Epsilon Chi where she can ensure members continue their active participation. Our chapter has found many ways to create positive and meaningful experiences even with COVID-19 changing the typical way events are held.

Marnie Adelkopf

Panhellenic Delegate

She is excited to show off the values of Sigma Kappa women and empower sorority women to be the best they can be.

Megan Shantz

Ritual Chairman

She is looking forward to strengthening our chapter through ritual and connect our sisters even more than they already as. Megan is excited to take on this role and get to know her sisters more.

Ann Cameron Zehmer

Sisterhood Chair

Lauren Miller

Social Chairman

She is very excited to plan events where our sisters can bond and make memories at.

Abbey Shorten

Public Relations Chairman

Emily Thexton


She is excited to implement new and creative initiatives to keep current members and alumnae up to date with everything related to Sigma Kappa

Natalie DePasquale

Sigma Kappa Triangle Correspondent

She is excited to highlight the accomplishments and events that her sisters are involved in and shine a light on Sigma Kappa.

Kate McCarthy

Continuous Open Bidding Chairman

She is excited to invite new women into our sisterhood and built a genuine, kind, and diverse group of women through informal recruitment.

Sam Estes


One thing Sam is particularly excited for is to put together the 2021 Sigma Kappa Scrapbook to showcase our beautiful sisterhood to future pledge classes. She is also excited to gain leadership, organizational, and reporting skills that she will be able to implement in her future career!

Caroline Rogers

Activities Chairman

She is excited to get our chapter involved with lots of great philanthropies this year and support other Greek organizations. She can’t wait to see the sisters of Sigma Kappa make a difference in our community.

Kaitlyn Westerhold

Assistant Vice President of Philanthropic Services

She is excited about planning more events with Warm Hearth and getting our sisters more involved with Gerontology.

Ellison Lafferty

Assistant Vice President of New Membership

Allie McKay

Merchandise Chair

Allie is very excited to be the merchandise chair this year. She is looking forward to designing merchandise that the whole chapter can enjoy.

Gabi Chambers

Community Service Chairman

Gabi is excited to find ways to serve the Blacksburg community with the current circumstances in our world. She is also looking forward to completing projects that will allow our chapter to connect more to the Blacksburg community as well as creating a stronger sisterhood bonded in service.

Frannie Simkins

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Erika Mackenzie

House Manager

Erika is excited to be the house supervisor to get to know more of her sisters on a closer level. She also can’t wait to get to know other Panhellenic sororities while participating in events with other chapters on Oak Lane!

Maddy Dillingham

Health and Wellness Chair

She is excited to use her passion for health and wellness to help her sisters live a happy and healthy college lifestyle.