Letter from the Chapter

When I think of my time in college, my memories are flooded with my experiences in Sigma Kappa. As a shy and soft-spoken freshman, I was unsure if sorority life was the place for me. Not only did this organization spark a change in me during recruitment, but it has encouraged me every day since to grow into a person that I am proud to see in the mirror. This organization has provided me friendships that will last a lifetime, and a lifetime of memories to be cherished. Each day, I am surrounded by over 200 strong, determined, kind, and thoughtful women. When I look around me, I see women that embody what it means to be a role model. This chapter has allowed me to grow in ways I never knew were possible. I went from being a quiet freshman member to the President of this amazing organization. Women who challenge me to be my best self and inspire me to grow. Women who have seen me at my highest highs and lowest lows and taken it in stride. In a world filled with so many unknowns, I take comfort knowing that Sigma Kappa has shaped me into the person I am today through an unparalleled sisterhood and incredible support. For that, I am eternally grateful.


Sigma’s love and mine, 

Eleanor Goldstein

Epsilon Chi President 2021