Letter from the Chapter

As I approach my senior year at Virginia Tech, I have taken a lot of time to reflect on how I have spent my time in college. As I reflected on my favorite memories, I realized that almost every memory was linked to joining Sigma Kappa. This organization has provided me friendships that will last a lifetime, and a lifetime of memories to be cherished. As a freshman, I always wanted to be in a sorority, so I was beyond excited to go through recruitment. However, I was even more excited to have found my home in Sigma Kappa. I knew this was the place where I would truly belong, my home away from home. Each day, I am surrounded by over 200 strong, determined, kind, and thoughtful women. Women who are constantly building me up, making me smile, and supporting my wildest dreams. This chapter has allowed me to grow in ways I never knew were possible. I went from being a soft-spoken freshman member, to the President of this amazing organization. I’m thankful for the sisters I have gained, and I know that it is because of them and their incredible support, that I am the woman I am today. For that I am immensely grateful. 


Sigma’s love and mine, 

Peyton Stoy

Epsilon Chi President 2020