Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

A Message from the President:

Hi everyone! My name is Elena Ulizio and it is an honor to serve as the President of the Epsilon Chi chapter of Sigma Kappa at Virginia Tech. Going Greek is one experience that will never be forgotten during your collegiate career. Our goal here in Sigma Kappa is to promote personal growth to help better the lives of each chapter women. Our sisterhood is unique because I can say without a doubt that each member of Sigma Kappa goes above and beyond to help out any sister in need. We encourage an atmosphere of responsibility and integrity as we strive to create a strong bond that can never be broken. We are so happy that you are interested in going Greek and we cannot wait to see you at Formal Recruitment in January!

Sigma's Love and Mine,

Elena Ulizio

Epsilon Chi President 2017